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.skylight icons
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WARNING: CAPSLOCK WILL OCCURWelcome to skylight_icons, the graphics journal of accrues and gemstar69.

We're two icon makers with, I would say, very different styles, but very similar interests. Here there will be icons of all fandoms great and small, with focuses on Prison Break, Doctor Who (and the spinoff Torchwood), Supernatural, Life on Mars and Life. Of course there are others, bridging out here and there and the occasional stock icon. It varies, which makes it all the more fun.

This journal isn't friends only/member exclusive, mainly because we believe it's rude to be exclusive like that for things that we're sharing with the internet, especially if we've crossposted. But we encourage membership (by bribing you with cookies) because as members you get immediate notification of icon posts as well as being able to request icons on our weekly request posts (which *are* members only). Cookies are also available.
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