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100 vampire diaries icons / my 10x10variated

I have been participating in the 10x10variated challenge. It's been making me tear my hair out for a month. And while I do believe it was useful and good fun, I now want to never ever see most of these ever again. Some of them I deleted the .psds, so couldn't edit them once I realised that things were out of alignment blah, so some of them I dislike, but was too sick of it to fix. So there you go.

IT'S FINALLY OVER. With about two weeks to spare. So without further ado:

1...100 The Vampire Diaries (mixed, 1-2) all female

First Ten: Use only the original images, changing the color only and nothing else. Color each icon differently, using different color fill layers or adjustment layers. No text, textures, gradients, brushes, or stock images allowed. -This helps you find new ways of coloring your icons.[000-010]

Second Ten: Every icon must have readable text on it. As well, every icon must have a different font. Do not use fonts that are excessively popular at the time (i.e. Action Jackson, Violation, Cooper Black) -This helps you find new, fun fonts to use. [010-020]
Fonts (left to right): Pea Jordan, Arial Black, Cambria, Roadway & Splurge, Pea Noodle's Girlfriend, The Doorman & Pea Noa, Times, Kaileen, Pea Jean Script & Arial, Cheri

Third Ten: Use a texture on every icon. A different texture must be used on each one. -Helps you learn the ways of texture use. [020-030]

Fourth Ten: Every icon must include a stock image. NO CLOUDS! I cannot stress this enough, clouds have been so overdone! lol There are many more stock images you can use. Find FREE stock images at SXC.HU. -Helps you learn the ways of using stock images. [030-040]

Fifth Ten: Rotate the images. This can be done any way, upside down, to the right, the left, caddy cornered, whatever. -Helps you be more creative with cropping and image placement. [040-050]

Sixth Ten: Images must be black and white. [050-060]

Seventh Ten: On each icon, use one effect feature from the Effects menu in your Photoshop or Paintshop. [060-070]
Effects (left to right); gaussian blur, omni (lighting), radial blur, plastic wrap (+ gaussian blur), spotlight (lighting), difference clouds, lens flare, dark strokes, surface blur, lens blur

Eighth Ten: Every icon must be less than 100x100 pixels. (i.e. The sides must be uneven.) [070-080]

these are all backed onto 100x100px [#ffffff], for the true unevens:
01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

Ninth Ten: Every icon must use one popular icon trend that is hot at the time. This changes frequently but it will be easy since you see these trends everywhere. (i.e. when these rules were written the trends were dirty textures, Action Jackson font, bright hue and saturation coloring, blurry images, etc.) -Trends are done over and over, but it's still nice to know you can do them. Don't be afraid to copy! ;) [080-090]

Tenth Ten: Anything you want! [090-100]

- PLEASE comment. I love to know my work is appreciated.
- PLEASE credit (ME, not the community (accrues)).
- TEXTLESS are NOT bases. Do not edit.
- ENJOY! Above all, that's what these are for. Oh, and pass the word around if you like them :)
- PLEASE join skylight_icons if you like them. You don't have to, but if you do like them, gemstar69 and I would love to have you on board. There's more information about the comm and what it offers on the userinfo.

I have .psds/tutes for a lot of these. Just ask.
Tags: tv: the vampire diaries, user: kissingcrime

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